Purpose, belief and will

March 10, 2013

He has always been the silent kind. He has feared getting too involved, with people and world in general. For him keeping to himself has been a way to prevent getting scattered away. Besides, sometimes neither people nor the world interest him much. Not because of any arrogance, he just loses sense of reality every so often. From which stems his propensity to stay distant. Not that he bears a grudge against reality, but he does sometimes fail to convince himself that real truly exists.

This questioning of reality takes purpose away from life. If things aren’t real they are also in most likelihood irrelevant. And if world as we know it is irrelevant so is our existence in it. It bothers him so much that our purpose in life rests on an assumption.

It is as if his entire belief system gets shattered away every once in a while and he starts from scratch to rebuild a support system to hold on to. He sees himself and then the sky, and suddenly everything starts to crumble and what remains is just an infinite vastness of nothingness. It is not a happy place to be, it doesn’t have a return point. At least not that is obvious.

Principles are axioms and thankfully can be taken as true, but they are also merciless. They do not bend and they do not allow you to go astray either. Beliefs on the contrary let you be and still give you the much needed support. As a matter of principle world may not be as the way it seems to be, but as a matter of belief it might. It is the belief in this world that compels you to be a part of it. And come back from the nothingness. It is the belief in world that forces you to move on. Purpose justifies and is justified by this belief.

Without purpose and/or belief we are like dangling pointers, powerful but useless. Capable but unnecessary even potentially harmful. Purpose gives a reason (howsoever delusional) to go on. Belief keeps purpose relevant and alive.

If we have to start believing in the world we have to start believing that we have a purpose to fulfill. From which rises the will to perform it. From this will would emanate the strength to stand anything that wants to prove to you that nothing’s for real. Will lets you be a part of the whole and empowers you to play a good part. Whether is real or not, abstract or concrete your function then remains just the same. Because in the end it doesn’t really matter as mind is where everything is, anyway.


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