November 24, 2013

Happiness eludes us all. At times we feel its unduly overrated, while at other times we agree that its carelessly ignored. Either way we seldom lose a craving for it. We often force ourselves into believing that happiness can be attained or derived. But to our surprise it remains ever so fleeting. No relationship, no success, no prize seems abundant enough to ensure a perennial supply of happiness. Invariably it fades, inevitably it reappears. For a time it might seem that there exists a direct correlation with affluence, but very soon along the curve the relationship gets fuzzy and sometimes even inverse. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown! nor is it the case, that getting rid of it, makes the former bearer particularly happy.

No matter how unpoetic it sounds but happiness is more like an adoption. A choice with not necessarily a real or compelling cause but a significant and worthwhile intent and purpose. Simplicity of this view of happiness suddenly puts it within reach and immediately attainable. At any moment in time, at any point in space there are enough reasons to be happy. Power of belief has never had a better use or more direct application.

Feeling good need not always be an effect. In its own right it can just as easily be a benign but effective cause. An initiator of sorts. To demystify happiness is important towards its attainment, to treat it distant in time and/or space doesn’t help. Simply circumventing our own relentless pursuit of unhappiness (for whatever reason) wouldn’t of course make us ecstatic (and thankfully so) but would suffice for reasonable perpetual happiness. It’s here, it’s now!


One Response to “Happiness”

  1. Megha Says:

    Good one Puneet !! Are you HAPPY with this blog ?? 🙂 Just kidding ! You have taken a real good look at the concept!!

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