December 31, 2014

It has been raining for the past 4 days. Roads have turned into rivers and neighborhoods into islands. Dullness of the weather seems to have seeped into day to day life as well. More often than usual I see people gazing blankly outside their windows. Perhaps awaiting a change only to witness the constancy of a gloomy day. People downstairs are having an even tougher time. Their carpets are drenched their patio is all clogged. But strangely they haven’t asked for help nor have we offered any. The silent understanding of apathy is a bit unsettling. Wonder if we have really turned into islands, metaphorically speaking. Things were different when i was a kid. My mother would just go downstairs and talk with them for hours. That sounds weird by todays standard. Talking to people without any reason wasn’t such a big deal then. Listening was enjoyable too and yeah rains weren’t a cause of worry.
The concrete landscape of the city has left no room for absorbing the water. Sure we can travel much faster but have we come any closer I wonder. As I unmindfully turn the pages of this book sipping in my third coffee, I think haven’t we become impervious too. We don’t absorb life any more rather just let it gush passed us. Fast paced life seems to have made everybody impatient. No wonder then, when we are cornered to our rooms like this we grow restless. To top it all the virtual communities have given us a false sense of companionship. Something that vanishes as soon as you go offline. I myself don’t remember when was the last time I sat in my own company, never realizing when solitude became something to dread than savor.
A part of me therefore wishes that this heavy rain washes away with it some of our advancements too. So that we are more connected directly to each other than through wires.  So that when the sky clears, we would remember again what was it like walking together to the near by park. So that we start smiling and waving hands from the windows again. So that next time it rains we wouldn’t get perturbed and lonely rather grow fonder of each other

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