Hindi fonts in Latex

December 7, 2008

Everything is there in Readme of the package (velthuis.zip) but let me put it simply as:

  • Unzip it and put it in “C:\Cygwin\usr\share\texmf” for cygwin users, or where ever your  usr\share\textmf directory is
  • Go to the file C:\Cygwin\usr\share\texmf\web2c\texmf.cnf
  • Kpathsea uses TEXMF variable to get ls-R files.
  • To add the new velithuis tree, get the path included like this

DEVNAG = /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/velthuis

  • Rebuild the file database by running mktexlsr
  • Use these commands to test the installation

kpsewhich devanagari.sty
kpsewhich dvng10.tfm
kpsewhich dvng10.mf
kpsewhich dvng10.pfb

  • Once you have this working, add the executable <devnag> in C:\Cygwin\usr\share\texmf\velthuis\bin\win32 to the path variable
  • Get the sample dn file from here , misspal.dn  is a good example file
  • devnag sample.dn –> generates tex file –> from there its your game!